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Semiconductors & Insulators Laser Cutting

/ Semiconductors & Insulators

KJ Laser Micromachining is an industry leader in precision laser cutting and micro cutting. When it comes to semiconductor material and electrical insulator materials, we custom develop laser processing solutions which yield optimum quality. We are able to custom laser electrical insulator parts using almost any insulator material and ensure that your semiconductors are properly protected while allowing for optimal electrical performance.
Our specialized equipment along with our highly skilled, professional team of laser cutting specialists are able to precisely produce your most complex parts. We are able to cut the finest contours and complex part geometries of miniature components within a tolerance of ±0.005mm.

Our Laser Cut Material Processing Solutions include:

No matter the complexity of your semiconductor application, we are always ready to design and develop custom laser cut solutions that will keep your vital components safe, and keep your products running as they’re intended to. From laser cutting of photovoltaic solarcells, Si or GaAs wafers, Kapton insulators to Formex boxes and builds we create custom laser cutting solutions that meet your stringent specifications.

If you’d like to get a project estimate for electrical insulators and semiconductor material processing, please contact us today at (416) 252-1061 or request a quote online!