Area of expertise

KJ Laser Micromachining is your competent partner in laser micro structuring, laser glass milling, laser polishing, laser cutting and laser wet micro machining. It uses its expertise to precisely control the thin film material ablation and to produce micro machining results with clearly defined edges and smooth surfaces.


Nearly all kinds of matter can be processed including metals, insulators, semi-conductors and plastics.


Laser micro machining has become a key enabling technology in ever-continuing trend of miniaturization in microelectronics, micro optics and micromechanics. Diode pumped frequency converted Nd:YAG lasers, disk or fiber lasers, pico- or femto second lasers can now be applied to produce structures with size varying from several 100 nanometers to several 100 micrometers.

There is a great variety of different advanced laser micro machining processes, such as laser structuring, laser patterning, laser induced photo polymerization, laser forward or backward transfer, laser induced or assisted etching, laser glass milling and laser selective polishing.

Sub-contract micromachining and R&D

Our micro machining service provides world-class micro machining technology for the mass production of hundreds or thousands of parts per month. We can also play a vital role during your product design and development period by conducting scientific and innovative R&D investigations in laser micro machining.

System development and process automation

KJ Laser Micromachining cooperates with its customers to design and develop laser micro machining processes or systems for the high-volume manufacture of parts or components.

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