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Laser Welding Metal Fabrication

/ Laser Welding

Area of expertise

KJ Laser Micromachining is your first place in laser precision and micro welding in North America and Canada. Our expertise covers a wide range of laser joining technologies, including joint design, weldability of materials, inert gas shielding and plasma control. Our experience in materials science and laser-material interaction permits a precise control of laser pulse duration, pulse shape and energy to produce sound seam and spot welds, which are free of distortion, micro cracks and porosities. The laser weld penetration depth is in the range of 0.5 mm to 2 mm (0.020 – 0.080”). Dissimilar materials such as steel to copper or aluminium can be joined without using filler materials.
Our laser welding services also include laser hermetic welding, laser tube welding with rotary chucks, laser welding of dissimilar materials and laser transmission welding of thermo plastics. In the near future, KJ Laser Micromachining will also provide metallographic cross section analysis of weld microstructure and geometry.

Welding techniques


Among others, steel, titanium, highly reflective and conductive metals (aluminium, copper and their alloys), high melting point metals (molybdenum, tungsten or tantalum) and thermoplastic materials can be laser welded. Thin metal foils down to 0.002” (50 µm) can be fused to solid parts with no burn through.

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