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Custom Industrial Laser Drilling Services

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Area of expertise

KJ Laser Micro Machining provides quick turn-around laser micro drilling services. Our expertise covers a wide range of laser drilling technology, including beam shaping, steering and polarization as well as water soluble coating, suction and assist gas blowing for debris free laser micromachining. We are able to apply different laser wavelengths, pulse regimes and post-processing to produce clean and debris-free holes at diameter tolerances up to 0.0005″ (12.5 µm). Typical hole diameters are between 20 – 500 µm and hole depths up to 2 mm.
micro laser drilling services


Almost any type of material can be micro-drilled such as stainless steels, super hard materials (e.g. polycrystalline diamond, carbides and nitrides), transparent materials (e.g. glass, sapphire), plastics and semiconductor materials.

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