Area of expertise

KJ Laser Micromachining provides both laser marking and laser engraving services, mainly for companies in Canada and the USA. Our expertise covers a wide range of laser marking technology, including laser color marking via controlled surface oxidation, annealing or selective layer removal. We use a wide range of laser wavelengths from CO2- to Nd:YAG- and UV lasers to mark metals, ceramics, plastics, woods and other materials. We also select the right laser power, beam delivery and material handling for every particular application. We mark texts, graphics and 2D matrices using scanner heads or flatbed systems. Equipped with rotary devices, our marking system are able to mark cylindrical components.

Marking techniques

  • Raster marking of images, which are composed of dots only
  • Vector marking (scribing) of images using point to point movement of the laser beam
  • 3 dimensional marking of complex surfaces with optical adjustment of the z-axis
  • Tubular marking, 2D matrix or barcode marking
  • Marking by removal of coatings
  • Projection marking with a mask
  • Color marking of selected metals via controlled surface oxidation or annealing
  • Marking of two parts simultaneously by using two scanner heads and a beam splitter
  • On-the-fly marking with continuous motion of the parts


Practically every material can be marked with lasers. The proper choice of laser wavelength will ensure adequate absorption and good marking. Occasionally, we use assisted gases, additives or coatings to achieve adequate laser absorption or color changes.

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