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Automotive Laser Welding, Cutting and Drilling
KJ Laser Micromachining offers a full range of laser metal welding, cutting and drilling services and technologies tailored specifically to the automotive industry. Whether your business requires industrial laser cutting of components, laser welding, laser marking or laser drilling of automotive moulds and tools we can provide customized and precision laser welding, cutting and drilling solutions to make your project a success.
We combine the latest industrial laser welding, cutting and drilling technology, extended industry and technical experience, to deliver our clients in the automotive sector custom-made manufacturing solutions that are best suited to their particular requirements.
We have proved our competency in the automotive sector by providing laser metal welding, cutting and drilling solutions to Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, including:
We also provide research and development collaboration and consultation, including development of innovative processes, from prototyping to high volume production and much more.
When you choose KJ Laser Micromachining as your laser metal welding, cutting and drilling needs in the automotive industry, you can expect process planning and control, design experiments, and statistical analysis in order to ensure you get the highest quality and consistency.
So whether you need to produce precise, complex small vehicle components, or you need laser technology to process large critical parts, our services will help ensure you produce high-quality outputs at competitive prices.

Get a free estimate for your industrial laser material processing project with KJ Laser Micromachining today!