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Aerospace Welding, Metal Finishing, Precision Machining

KJ Laser Micromachining provides custom laser cutting services for businesses in the aerospace industry. With the latest in precision laser cutting technology, we have specialized capabilities to cut specialty aircraft alloys and other exotic aerospace metals, perfectly to your specifications.

We offer a number of different laser drilling and cutting processes and techniques that we will deploy based on the nature of your aerospace and aircraft part requirements or other aerospace components, which include:

We can also provide drilling, marking and engraving, micro-welding services and more, along with research and development collaboration, consulting and prototyping.

In the past, KJ Laser Micromachining has produced a variety of highly complex parts for the aerospace industry, specialized fitting, gaskets, part marking, insulators, shims, connectors, fasteners, electrical or pneumatic components and much more. We have also worked with a wide variety of aircraft alloys and other aerospace materials to produce parts or components , including:

If you would like to get a project estimate for aerospace laser drilling or cutting services, contact us today at (416) 252-1061 or request a quote online!