KJ Laser Micromachining is a leading specialist in micromachining and laser material processing for both standard and high-tech applications

We are also a “One Stop Shop” for all of your laser related manufacturing needs from process development to system integration

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There are many advantages of laser machining compared to conventional methods such as EDM, ECM, chemical etching or stamping. Laser can easily cut complex parts with a high degree of tolerance. The process is programmable.

Excessively hard, pressure and force sensitive or very thin materials can be cut with a small focused beam and a high efficient use of material. In many cases, laser cutting is preferred against stamping due to its high flexibility and non-contact characteristic.

Precision welding, especially for hermetic sealing of medical or electronic devices, requires high weld quality with minimum heat input. Laser welding has been selected for those applications, providing excellent dimensional control and reliability.

Our experience in applications, process development, material ablation and melt ejection, in joint design and metallography makes us a valuable and reliable resource to the industry.

The following application examples highlight some of our process capabilities, including:

  • Laser cutting of extremely thin materials (10 – 25 µm thick)
  • Laser precision cutting of thick materials such as mild or stainless steel, aluminum or copper with material thickness up to 3 mm (.120″)
  • Laser micro cutting and micro drilling of polyimide Kapton, cirlex, Lexan, acrylic PMMA, PET, rubbers and woven silks
  • Laser cutting of stainless steels, copper, aluminium, nickels, Invar, Kovar, tungsten, titanium, molybdenum, silicon wafer
  • Laser drilling of needles, tubes or injection nozzles
  • Laser hermetic welding of aluminium alloys(4047/6071)
  • Laser welding of BeCu, cobalt, thin foils, disks and tubes
  • Laser transmission welding of plastics
  • Laser micro welding with filler material, tubular welding
  • Non-contact laser glass cutting, laser grooving
  • Laser selective polishing and hardening of steel surfaces
  • Laser marking of 2D matrix, tubular, annealing marking