KJ Laser Micromachining Appoints New Laser Application Expert

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KJ Laser Micromachining NewsKJ Laser Micromachining (a division of KJ Marketing Services), Toronto Ontario, has appointed Tuan Anh Mai to lead its Laser Micromachining/Laser Applications group. Tuan A.Mai has more than 20 years of experience in the field of lasers and laser material processing, with a focus in the development and customization of laser micromachining processes and systems. Tuan has vast experience in laser micromachining and laser applications ranging from laser micromachining of semiconductor, brittle and other difficult to machine materials, wafer dicing and development of the waterjet guided laser.

Tuan A. Mai received his Mechanical Engineering Degree at the University of Ilmenau (Germany) and his PhD in Materials Engineering at the University of Hannover (Germany). His excellent scientific background and extensive experience will allow Tuan Mai to continue to advance KJ Laser Micromachining capabilities to meet the stringent requirements of its customers and expand its laser micromachining service, breadth of application and customer base.

KJ Laser Micromachining is the Canadian leader in the laser machining of glasses, plastics, ceramics, rubbers and metals offering cutting, drilling, engraving, welding and laser polishing.

This article is also featured in EP&T magazine (September 2007).

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